Saturday, July 19, 2008

RIP max


itchy fingers said...

Oh, no. . .

Anonymous said...

yes - just as the spirit of the lion in St Peter's Basilica had leapt into Maxie, so Maxie's spirit has leapt into something else

for me it was sadder seeing him struggle in his failing old body than it is to think of him free of it

grotuhachi said...

that was me

- interrupted by a lady at the door - their city dog ran into the forest yesterday and didn't come back

- they're doing a big door-to-door campaign giving out their phone number

- dogs!! (and here i am arranging for another puppy!)

JT said...

Are you really getting another puppy????? Is BBB enthusiastic? Watching the Irish parents with a tiny puppy makes me not want one!! Too much work.
That's a lovely photo of Max. (hope that 's in the right place!) Eeeek, I now have nightmares about doing it wrong!)
Has been drizzling all weekend and it s typical winters day, could down on the hills, grey, cold and raianing.
That's the weather report for today
Lots of Love

Gauri said...

:( :( rip.