Wednesday, July 23, 2008

in which i am a quitter

i quit my ESL job yesterday! well, i gave two week's notice in writing, as dictated in the office manual. you'd be surprised what useful things you get when you google "polite letter of resignation template." i've never quit a job before, but it went surprisingly well, with the bossman saying he'd keep my resume on file and see me next summer. reasons for quitting include: having no spare time/life, being in a basement all day, wanting to stab people after a shift.

here is me in my cubicle, only for another two weeks:


Dixie said...

Hello, I am your neighbour :)
From my blog I clicked 'NEXT BLOG' at the top and yours popped up. Now, I do know that this is completely random and changes daily...hourly... but for a few cyberseconds today we were neighbours:) I read your entry about quitting your job and although I don't know you from a bar of soap and I am across t'other side of the world I am pleased that you did. I used to teach ESL too (way back when) and the job can be stressful enough without the added 'basement' environment and all the other things that obviously irked you. So best of luck 'neighbour' and much patience to you for the next two weeks!

Nimmersatt said...

Oh dear, shame about all the spam. You could make a sandwich?

Congratulations on the quitting. Will you be able to work more in the bike shop? Or go camping with me and cass and bring itchy and miriam? NOOOO Pressure!!!! We could just go for a bikeride. Or you could come on a sea kayaking lesson with me. Oh, sorry, I really do mean that about the no pressure. I'm just pleased I'll prolly get to see more of you.

Nimmersatt said...

PS How's missy mojay and handy?

gumtreefid farmer said...


well, if we ever decide to win the phillipino lottery we'll know where to go.

i may try for another day at the bikeshop, or i may enjoy not working ubermuch and hang out with you kids/relax before starting my phd. i can live on my current salary if tighten my belt a bit.

you will indeed see more of me!

they are shiny and fun.


ps. have fun in vienna!

itchy said...

hooray for quitting! i am a quitter from way back (my running total is now at 4 (or maybe 5?)

p.s answer my email, esp the part
where i ask for your phone number again, as i would speak with you 'ere the week is out.

grotuhachi said...

may i be the only one to say ... money?

would it hurt to be solvent?

would it hurt to loosen your belt instead of constantly tightening it?

(only a mother is game to say the obvious)

gumtreefid farmer said...

ta, itchy. i follow in your august footsteps.

am working on email as we speak. also working on stirfry, though, so may take a little while.


gumtreefid farmer said...

i'm solvent, mummy dearest. just. and i will be rolling in it come september. kind of.

i did loosen the belt for a little while. now i have a nice new bike!

working there was making me unhappy, and i think i shouldn't go into my phd exhuasted and cranky. it's only money, as you've often told me.

grotuhachi said...

i was wrong - money is everything!

(just been offered another work day for this semester - immediately i've been looking up ethiopa in lonely planet)

i hope you replied to dixie - she might be from oz

Dixie said...

Hi Grotuhachi
I am from Oz! Gold Coast...

gumtreefid farmer said...

haha, grotty, we all know where i got my money habits from!

ps. ethopia? don't you mean vancouver? you must've picked the wrong book off the shelf by accident. . .

gumtreefid farmer said...

hi dixie,

lovely to meet you! we've swapped hemispheres! (i am an melbournian living in vancouver.)

yes, the esl job is a world of stinky and stressful. i don't think i'm being a very good teacher, either, which makes me upset with myself.

welcome to the blog!
gumtreefid farmer