Monday, August 28, 2006

haida art and walk on the right

dear all,

first full day in canadia. slept like a log (oh god the three days awake!) and had a funny backpacker breakfast (it is a very backpackerish establishment) then toddled off to the art gallery. thus:

some lovely sculptures. and the frogs were adorable.

then i wandered round the city all afternoon, window shopping. my first purchase of 'asha's mums' from little sister (y'know, i don't think that is where 'better than chocolate' was filmed). there are some lovely bookshops, oh yes. it is rather like melbourne, very familiar. but with american bits thrown in. i went to sears! and roots! and had hersheys! (not as good as haighs)

people have asked me for directions, so i reckon i pass. they can't hear the little voice in my head saying "walk on the right". still having trouble with the nickels and dimes. they have no 50c piece! and they give change down to the last cent!

lovely weather - sunscreening like a mad thing. i never thought i'd get any summer this year. oh and i bought bananas. two. they cost 60c. *blows raspberry*

meeting my assigned friend tomorrow. can't wait.


tine said...

sounds like the first day was a lotta fun! didn't get lost? what are people's reactions when they hear you talk? is your roommate nice? post those photos of sarah's arse already!

gauri said...

i lufffff you !

gtg said...

dear tine,

i wish there was some way of replying to individual comments.

i never get lost ever cos i am good. also i have about sixteen million maps with little asterixes on them, which i check surreptitiously and often.

roommate was nice. now i have a different one who is also nice. it is surprisingly un-odd, sharing a room with a random stranger. reminds me of crashing in the boarding house at school.

can't post photos til i post from my own computer. hopefully tomorrow.

miss you.

gtg said...

i luff you too! i read your card! it made me giggle like a loon (this was in fiji airport surrounded by bored and curious strangers) and the picture is wonderful and i feel loved.