Saturday, August 26, 2006

i'm in fiji! huzzah for the randomness! it is hot here like summer - actually it reminds me a lot of india, with the humidity and the smells and other things. but much less so, all of it, so actually quite enjoyable.

i went to a lovely hindu temple and the fruit market ("it is sunday so everything is closed") and sat under a coconut palm and read bleak house and then i'm going to have lunch and then there will only be eleven hours or so to kill.

lots of lovely photos of lovely last days in aus to post, me snivelling constantly. i have no stoic.


Anonymous said...

hurrah ! hello lian in fiji. you probably aren't still there. but hello ! -waves like a loser-


Caroline said...

Fiji! Hooray! Am desperately trying to contain the jealousy here.

- Caroline

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! hullo lovely lian, hugs from all your buddies in the clifton hill haus, give us a yell when you're in caaaanada (ooh and i'll keep checking your blog for photos of my bum. mum will be so proud.) sar xo

Anonymous said...

Are you there yet???

Hope you didnt make yourself sick on bananas in Fiji!!!!


tine said...

fiji! so jealous!! hope lunch was delish and rest of the eleven hours enjoyable. you in canadia yet??