Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ten sleeps!

i am going to sit on a beach in vanuatu and eat bananas.

de-teething complete, though i am still spitting stitches. p-tooee!


the girl no longer next door said...

not that it's a race, but. . .

5 sleeps!

*smirks a little*

gtg said...

yeah, but i have more sleeps over there! ha!

(ta muchly for cds. vg, lots of bopping and also gaping open mouthed - language warning indeed!)

the girl no longer next door said...

true, true.

i climbed up the real arthur's seat today.
very tiring.

did you like the lily allen? she is so addictive, like rice pudding.

gtg said...

where is arthur's seat? which countryare you in, btw? and where will you be next?

i do like lily allen - where did you find her? most odd. no you can't have my number cos i lost my phone.

i climbed steps to a temple today. there weren't very many of them. but i had bare feet and i think that enhances the climbing experience.. .

you need a photoblog, stinker. or photobucket.

the girl no longer next door said...

arthur's seat is a hill/mountain right in the middle of edinburgh. we are still there, bt leaving for london today.

yes, i need a photo blog, but there's no time. will send stuff soon. give me your address.

we went to rosslyn chapel today. twas nice.

gtg said...

huzzah for london! have fun!

i have no address yet. give me til sunday, yeah.

i walked round stanley park today. it was speccy and there were canadian geese, but we couldn't find any raccoons, with or without rabies. sigh.