Tuesday, August 29, 2006

talking to actual canadians

aargh! finish in five! the net cafe is up the back of a games arcade so it sounds like a small civil war is taking place behind me.

Special Assigned Friend (hereafter saf - complaints see management) and i went for a long walk round the edges of stanley park, making fun of americans, looking fruitlessly for raccoons, admiring amazing views and playing on swings. it is this beautiful green wilderness just out of the city.

then she showed me her little apartment shared with her maternal figure (off making a killing at mahjong) which made me a bit homesick, it being a HOME and all, and made nice noodles and watched satirical american television, which was all rather lovely.

found out i have to make a ten minute mock lesson for 'learning how to be a TA' session on friday, which i'm a bit pissed off about.

moving up the mountain tomorrow and will get to see uni and buy all my books and get a library card and access to swimming pool and so forth.

finished bleak house. i so guessed right.

lubs to all


tine said...

aaaah!! i miss you too! like an organ! but not like my gall bladder, because i don't miss that AT ALL!

yes, this blogspot commenting business is funny. i don't like it. el jay rulz.

glad to hear about fun times with saf. heh, her ma plays mahjong! she is SOOO my replacement!

gtg said...

you're here!

gtg said...

you don't miss yr gall bladder? it misses you, all alone in its unmarked grave. . .

there are no threads? where are the threads?

she is yr replacement except in 12 years time - who knew?

i am a bit homesick now. tell me silly stories. maybe on email?

tine said...

oh no! i missed you! that's the other thing that sucks about blogspot - no automatic reply via email when someone comments!

she's 12 yrs older? wow. who knew??!

hmmm, funny stories... how about the other night when i set spaghetti on fire?

gtg said...


well, i did email you as well. *sniffles*

i know, she totally doesn't look it, either.

tell me about the spag!