Thursday, August 31, 2006


dear all,

sorry i haven't/won't be writing much. while i'm having exciting, challenging, friendly and productive days, my alone-time is a bit miserable and lonely, and i don't feel like blogging it. classes proper start next week, so hopefully study will distract me and i will start to make friends.

lots of orientation stuff and masses of handouts. also mass drumming today, which was fabulous and brought back lots of memories of the circus show (what was it, two years ago? gosh) i drummed in (and loved). met a few interesting people too.

emails much appreciated.



Tofu said...

Helllooo Lentil! Didja get my postcard yet? Autumn is here too. Ooh, it is exciting to have you in the same hemisphere! Welcome! It's my birthday today. I'm 62. You made me think of going swimming with your comments about enrolling and having pool access. Ithink I shall, thanks! We need to work out the time difference so we can Skype! Oooh, this technology is exciting. What fun to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

You've only been gone a week, so give yourself time. I'm sure you'll soon be making friends and enjoying yourself thoroughly. Am off work for 2 days, will email when i get back from Crin's. She's making me work, scrubbing rugs, getting groceries and making coffee!! Keep blogging, I need entertainment!!
xxxxxxx JT

Anonymous said...

Boo! Love the photos, did that tea end up in a mug or on someone's head?! I STILL have jealously coursing thru my veins! Ma's lying, she's done nothing but knit & stuff her face all day! I'll get your email address from her on Monday & send you one too. Now remember, "keep to the right"!!!
Crin xxx

gtg said...

tofu! now there's a name i haven't heard in a while! check yr email, dear - it's my turn to write, yeah?

happy birthday! hmm. maybe i can call you. if i had yr phone number. what is yr ph no?

back to email. lubs!

gtg said...

dear jt,

i know, i have promised myself to stick out a month and see if things are improved. meeting this bunch of potential friends has really improved things, and i found a nice place to hang out today, which is only a 20min bus trip away, so i'm feeling a lot better about it all. ta for support.

have fun at crin's! say hi to ruby and rosie for me!

has nanny got her postcard yet? glad to hear the blog is entertaining. it's good to keep in touch with you.

gtg said...

dear crinny,

the tea ended up in mugs. we even had a gumleaf in it! and damper! but the damper had bits of sundried tomato and olives in it, which wasn't very bush tucker-ish. but it was delicious.

don't be too much with the jealousy. it's very hard work as well as exciting. homesickness has a way of really grabbing you in the guts. but if you come visit you will have masses of family around so it will be all fun! HINT!

i'm sure jt has been working v. hard, cos she does. did she bring all the food for the weekend? go on, tell the truth!

looking out for the email.

lots of love