Sunday, August 27, 2006

oh my, the mountains

i'm here! finally! and it's bloodywell warm here too! what on earth am i going to do with the two beanies, two scarves, three gloves, overcoat, three light jackets, thermal singlet, etc. etc.??? my roommate (who is from melb, going to sfu on exchange!) is sleeping in shorts.

i snaffled a window seat for landing and the view was just amazing. there's this great ring of snow covered mountains all around the city - stunning. and i could even figure out where everything was, cos of having that map stuck up above my bed since forever.

and i am the proud owner of a student visa. the must have accessory for every passport. despite a little hassle with fiji immigration. meh.

tomorrow tourist stuff. heh - there's funny money. apart from that it is very much like australia.

thankyou for lovley comments. i will reply when i have longer time online.

lubs to all!


Anonymous said...

Mountains - with snow - jealousy plus, plus !!!!

Sleep well, in your shorts. The warm stuff will be useful soon enuf.


tine said...

wahey! warm in canadia, eh? glad to hear you've arrived safely. have fun being a tourist, yo.

Anonymous said...

Well done!!!
After your description, I am looking forward to visiting next Easter!!!

Will be 20 degrees here today, but was freezing when I was pedalling along watching the shadows of the magpies swooping down on me!!!

gtg said...

dear ddd,

there are glaciers too - you can go skiing or walking or something on them. apparently there is snow nearly all year round, though it is getting less.

i can't sleep in shorts cos i have none! what a ridiculous item to pack, i thought. i'm going to try and recreate yr packing job tonight. wish me luck.

gtg said...

hey jt,

come! visit me! there are fun things to buy and mountains to see!

do you wear gloves when you ride? and long sleeves? i have had the secret of arranging a scarf to warm the nose and chin without obscuring the vision while bikeriding passed onto me - i must pass it also to you.

have yet to need yr red scarf here, but its time will come, oh yes.

lots of love