Thursday, September 06, 2007

aunty JT is a wizard!

she says:

"We have the Simultaneous Story Time on Thursday. The book this year is Mem Fox's The Magic Hat. We do it in the library for the Child Care students and also all the kids from the creche. I am to be the wizard. [. . .]

The kids thought it was great. I should have been a children's librarian!!"


aunty kant said...

you look fabulous, jt! what fun!

aunty kant said...

ps. where did you get such a magnificent beard from? did you mug a santa?

folgrot said...

it's not too late to be a children's librarian - go for it!

luv the sox

aunty kant said...

i agree. run away to a children's library! then you can give me heads up on all the good books!