Thursday, September 13, 2007

things that make me happy

- winifred is back! i have missed her! we caught up in the usual fashion, taking my supervising prof along for part of the ride. she is new to the department, and winifred is totally a welcoming wagon in her own right. now all i need is eleanor and the others to come home too . . .

- tutorials that work. today i split them up into groups, gave them a sonnet each, and got them to discuss them in terms of plot (much more complicated than one might think, and often smutty), literary devices and form/content. i ran around asking probing questions and defining words, then rearranged the groups and made them teach each other. they talked and talked and commented on the amounts of learning they were getting. very satisfying.

- basil!

- borrowing ziggy's hair to take tricksy self-portraits.

- a strange last burst of summer weather.

- my pay should come in tomorrow and i will have more than $12 in my account and not be embarrassed by having my card rejected in shops anymore. . .

- the possibility of doing a guest lecture on picturebooks.

- this coffee maker from montreal:

(this is how this coffee maker makes me feel:
pre-haircut, btw.)

- still being in a happy holiday mode of sleeping a lot and reading a lot and pottering round the house a lot. i even did my mending the other day. which is all very relaxing but doesn't make for good reading, yes, i know. i'll try and do something more interesting/photogenic soon, just for youse, 'kay? now go look at the photos of the canoe and the pie again.


Anonymous said...

hi lovely. You do indeed look very happy and relaxed!

folgrot said...

pretty starred singlet top

star wars coffee pot


aunty kant said...


i like your new name. how do you pronounce it?

i need to be less relaxed. must study! write visa app! aargh!

lovely to talk to youse.

aunty kant said...


yes, i'm very fond of that top. it's actually a child's pj top with matching short-shorts, but don't tell anybody.

coffee pot is entirely good. i want one!