Monday, September 10, 2007

engagement party

congrats, cous!

see the family:

these two were not at the engagment party, but they're cute:


Anonymous said...

Hello AK. I am changing my name from Tuchfrau to Nimmersatt. That means never full, or never sated, or never satisfied, pertains mostly to food and describes me rather neatly.
Loved your pics of the island.
Lotsa love,

Anonymous said...

PS "the hungry little caterpiller" was originally "die kleine Raupe nimmersatt" in German. It's become a theme recently. Around the corner from my flat in Berlin was a kids' bookshop called Nimmersatt. I bought Meri a book from there and the wrapping paper had the illustrations from the book on it. And my sister's birthday pressie to me, which was a TShirt with said caterpiller on it, arrived today. Anyway, thought you of all people would be interested in such background.

aunty kant said...


i approve of yr name change and request a photo of the tshirt. or a tshirt of my very own!

i too am thinking of changing my name. i think Epponnee-Rae captures my true personality rather neatly, also.

glad you liked the piccies of the island. there are more on crackbook - did you see?

ta for the background! eric carle has a good website. you might like ot check it out.

lots of love and sorry for the delay!

aunty kant