Monday, September 17, 2007

my right foot

oh, such a nice social weekend. had a lovely long talk to the girls in london and met up with lots of humans in real time. i had some friends round for pizza last night, which was lovely fun, though now i have all the dirty dishes in the world. also ziggy decided to clean out her storage space so the whole house has been filled with boxes and random stuff. so, yes, mess is a theme of this weekend. here is my contribution to the cleaning:
i'll take those pants, and that inflatable globe, and yes, you can draw a smiley face on my foot.

winifred and i spent a wonderful day shopping and gossiping, and i didn't spent millions of dollars on clothes, but, oh it was tempting. there are such beautiful things here, all screen printing and asymmetry.

and i saw a raccoon! they're so fat and mean looking. i want one!

it turned into winter all of a sudden. the oak trees are all wet. and i know which ones they are. hah!

to conclude this random collection of quasi-news, here is the teeny tiny lettuces i have made:
aren't they cute? i'm so proud of my little lettuces!

also i'm thinking of changing my name to Epponnee-Rae. what do you think?


folgrot said...

wow, you are looking and sounding way too relaxed - the name change is obviously just what you needed to calm you down

i am making up for your lack of stress - my writing gorup ripped my thesis apart last night, which of course is excellent, but means even MORE work


itchy said...

i support you in this endeavour.

folgrot said...


for yesterday's discussion on coyotes (and dingoes)

Anonymous said...

oh it is getting all cold and wet! oh, the rain. maybe you could post some? ps. if there are any more titles of Ms Fisher you would like, let me know. I am posting Jase a birthday present (will be belated) and can wrap one up with the package.


xo vta

Epponnee-Rae said...

folgrot, thankyou for yr support. i am mostly very relaxed, yes.

sorry about yr thesis. do feel free to send me a draft.


itchy, thankyou also!

Epponnee-Rae said...


you want me to post pictures of the rain? cos you miss it so badly?

can do. it was thoroughly miserable up at school today. the fog closed in and the grey sky matched the grey buildings. sigh.

a wonderful faery just brought me *two* new phyrne fishers, so i'm good for the moment, thankyou. i would dearly love some more frogs, if you're keen, though!

gosh, you're good. i never thought to get him a present, even wine. *hangs head*

hope you're well.