Tuesday, December 04, 2007

from g+b

We are speaking french!
Bring all black clothes
We are in the middle of all sorbonne students
Room v musty and smokers in restaurants - asthma beaucoup
Food tres bien
Xxx g


itchy said...

hello again dear

i have a message for both you and grot regarding your graffiti cards.

exciting news devlopments at the company which prints them means that instead of the 16 notecards I could possibly get you 20 postcards or 10(?) real greeting cards for pretty much the same price.

or we could just stick with the original plan, it's up to you. if you want to have a look at them for yourself, here is a link


(prices in US dollars)

JT said...

Je suis tres, tres vert avec envy!!!
Hope grot has plenty of ventolin!!!

JT said...

Must have been rain in the Dale last night cos the forecast was for showers clearing today. We are in the middle of a terrific thunderstorm with heavy rain. So the gardens in both places will be happy!! Was 29 at 7.30 this morning - much warmer than the places you lot are in!!!