Wednesday, December 19, 2007

sculpture floats my boat

spent this afternoon wandering round a deserted sculpture garden in minus two - it was glorious. all the leaves were frozen, so i crunched as i walked over oak leaves to find sculptures hidden in the forest. saw some beautiful things, including a bunch of barbara hepworth's early work, two moores and a claus olsenburg. also lots of 1950s cubist sculptures, mostly in steel. very beautiful.

we went out to the de hoge veluwe national park, where grot was chasing van gogh. she and bbb had a lovely time looking through the museum while i explored the garden.

caught all sorts of pt to get out there, very adventurous of us, especially in the cold. we have lots of photos of all these things, but no way of getting them onto the computer, so i will have to do binge photo-posts again on my return.

poffergies and ollibolen hit the spot on the way back to the hotel.


JT said...

Yuk to -2!! Tis -4 in Paris. But Xmas Day is to have a low of 3 and high of 8. Thunder and lotsa rain here now and it's so dark the street lights are still on. Also raining in Blackwood & Ballan. \
Glad you having a lovely time in museums and frozen gardens.

Anonymous said...

d'you remember that restaurant in canberra where they had poffergies? and we had them, like, almost every night we were there? (we were in canberra for QC in '02.)

we have QC again next year.

and hey, i can leave comments under my lj sign-in. huh.

Walter said...

Hi Liam, Greta & Brian,

Happy Christmas from downtowm Melbourne. Hope you are having a Joyous time together.

Lots of Love, Walter

Epponnee-Rae said...

JT - well, at least it wasn't 42. i know what i'd prefer!

it is raining here againagainagain. here being vancouver.

thankyou for keeping us up to date while we were away - v. exciting to email and sms you.

cranky - of course i remember! they were delicious! these ones were served with big slabs of butter and pounds of icing sugar. the front of my black coat was constantly white.

huzzah for QC! where is it? are you running it? ah, the memories. . .

so you'll comment all the time now you have an identity to claim as your own?


walter - thanks! hope you had a grand christmas too, and happy new year! lovely to hear from you.