Saturday, December 01, 2007


happy b'day to grotty! you will run away from summer soon!

(yesterday in aus)


Anonymous said...

I posted you something fun!! (or not, you may not think so).
should be there in a week - but will you still be there then?
xo vta

Epponnee-Rae said...


a little birdy may have mentioned that you sent something - he didn't say what.

i will still be around for another week and a bit. oh lord, i have so much to do before then!

little birdy also tells me there's a possibility you might be in my neck of the woods while i'm NOT HERE. tisk.

Anonymous said...

yes, little birdy and his dog are correct, I am considering it. simply because I CAN. ha! the joys of full time employment and real pay.
I may as well splurge it on something!
and your parcel can only be enjoyed with a nice glass of champagne.
xo vta