Monday, December 24, 2007

louvre and notre dame

had a fabulous time at the louvre the other day, saw such brilliant sculpture. i went all through the italian renaissance and saw lovely marbles and then spent the afternoon in the egyptian section - actual mummies, very sad. lovely pink granite sphynix too. louvre was packed out. people got cranky at me for looking at the sculptures when they were trying to have their photos taken in front of them. still, managed to see amny beautilful things and have an ace time. i want to go back and check out the french sculpture section. it's enormous!

yesterday we did wandering (many pretty things to buy) and climbed the arc de triomphe after dark - amazing views. it's not nearly as cold here as in amsterdam. huzzah!

all the crhissy lights are up and there's people everywhere. my french is totally good. i asked for three stamps to australia today, and the woman understood and told me the price very slowly in french so i would undersatnd. except i suck at numbers so i still had to read it off the cash register. anyways. i am v. impressed with myself.

g+b off at gregorian chants. we have spent a lot of time in cathedrals, snorting frankensense.

love to all!

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