Saturday, October 13, 2007

big news day!

most importantly for me - the strike is over! well, kinda. there was a close vote and some renegotiating, and garbage collection will probably resume on monday! so exciting! just this morning we had a funky punky dude offering to collect our garbage for $5 a bag. three months without garbage collection. . . boggles the mind. here's an article on the end of the strike. the librarians are still striking, but i imagine this will make it harder for them to get a decent deal. i hope the pools will open again soon. so exciting!

and, as bbb put it, the lying rodent called the election! about bloody time! (image stolen from the interwebs) here's the age's take on the situation, and, for contrast, the globe and mail's (canadian newspaper). i'll have to get the paper tomorrow to see how much of an impact the australian situation makes in canadian media. watch this space for updates on the election, and do feel free to update me on the latest news or argue the finer points of campaigning or wotnot.

i have no personal news. i've spent all day with flashcards. i hate this style of learning. my scores are creeping up. hope it's worth it.


folgrot said...

the old neighbours would feel right at home with your flashcard learning and emphasis on scores - shades of ole Texas there

Epponnee-Rae said...

oh yes. i am deeply ashamed of myself. wanna know my GPA?

itchy fingers said...

i do!

huzzah for no rubbish!

nimmersatt said...

Just made a comment on prev post. (Not very exciting.) did I miss sommat? When did you become epponee-rae, and why? Did you marry cassandra?
More importantly, have you registered as an eligible overseas elector? if not better hurry up. (not sure if there's still time?)

folgrot said...

i've forgotten what GPA is, but of course i am deeply interested in it

have i told you my fave CD at the moment is 'Blue' by Joni MItchell? It escaped me the first time round, in the early 70s, but i'm loving it now.

it is a weird 60s sound and sensibility, where she just presents all her pain most musically after her breakup with one of the guys from Crosby Stills and Nash.

she goes on a bit about 'baby' and 'daddy', but that was the time. listen just to the title track and see what you think

Epponnee-Rae said...

itchy - i have been sitting on the front steps all day waiting for the garbos to come. it's 5.45pm now. . . they will come. if i believe they will come. *rocks*

nimmersatt - it's okay, i get email notifications whenever you comment. it's very difficult to miss one!

i can't remember why i became epponnee-rae. oh, i think i was telling people here about kath and kim and showing them youtube clips, and caught up on the new baby and so forth. plus i like the way it rolls off the tongue.

i may also have married cassandra. (hi, if you're reading, hughie!)

yes, i registered some months ago. i'm the head of the greens campaign here! well, actually i'm going to assemble a box of their promotional materials and leave it in the embassy, but i feel specialer if i put it the other way. very exciting!

are you registered? will you have an election party? what's the best way for us to follow the results, do you think?

Epponnee-Rae said...

folgort (to rhyme with yoghurt)

Grade Point Average. my intellectual and personal worth as expressed by a number out of five. i'm not going to put it on the internet. that's *too* sad.

thankyou for your deep interest in this matter.

i have heard that album. i think tine made a tape of it. i can only stomach joni in small doses, but i like her sometimes. it's a sad album. glad you're enjoying it. you should listen to k.d.'s cover of "a case of you" as well.


folgrot said...

know it well - listening to blue and hymns of the 49th parallel on train, interspersed with David Rothenberg's clarinet electronic jazz and lyrebird music, as mentioned before

Happy Hallothanksmas

Nimmersatt said...

Hi eponnee. Ah. I see. Didn't know there was a new baby. Goodness me, I hadn't got as far as thinking about an election party. I was just busy hoping I'd find time to explain to them why I forgot to vote in the Williamstown bye election and beg them to keep me on the roll long enough to do my bit to protect you from self immolation. I fear suggesting an election party to the (it turns out) many many Australians in my street, as they may have been some of the many many Australians that voted JWH in in the first place. But then again, they might not. And it would be a good excuse for a trip to the antipodean shop for some tim tams. And maybe, since it was an election party, I could get twisties and cheezles and barbecue shapes and solo and cherry ripes as well!

Following the results? God, you're organised. I was expecting to wake up the next day, and look on But if you think of a better idea, tell me. Maybe we could have a live skype hook up to the vortex.
Lots of love,
PS meri says it's only worth having a party if the right lot win. (right as in correct and desireable, I mean.)

nimmersatt said...

Oh, and if a vortex member had a webcam, they could train it onto the tv coverage for us.

Anonymous said...

cassandra here,
for once i have comments of relevance to all the stuff in this thread (well almost - not your GPA.)
just chatted to a lovely hippie in the bourke st mall who worked for the ACF, and he's voting democrat! who knew ppl still did that?! he's disappointed with peter garrett too. i just downloaded a triple j special on midnight oil with a recording of them calling malcoolm fraser a turd-burglar. how things change!
and weird - i've been listening to joni mitchell too - blue and 'hits' - and it seems everyone went out with neil young or james taylor back then. wish my parents were into it so i could know stuff like that. oh well.
oh and i just got postal votes in the mail - you can send them in from now (and as canada is part of the commonwealth their JPs can sign your form as a witness, and australian citizens can too (got any of them handy?)
ooh and random - i start french classes at alliance francaise next week. fun!