Friday, October 05, 2007


i graduated this morning. *early* this morning. i got to dress up in a cape and silly hat, which was very exciting. otherwise the ceremony was cold and long. ooo, and i got a shiny certificate that says i'm like all smart n stuff! huzzah! let me know if you're interested in the podcast.

there were also boys in kilts playing the bagpies and old men in gowns and bonnets, which is always a bit cool. academic ceremony is so strange. can't wait til i get a big puffy phd hat.

here's a bunch of the women from my cohort. it was nice to all graduate together. (it's okay to have htis photo up cos it is intended for the internet anyway - the girl in the middle is obsessed with pink is the new blog, and made the sign special like):

life has improved. thankyou for your patience. i've taken to bike riding down the mountain to save money and feel all invigorated about life and those other good things. i've also spent more quality time with various humans (ziggy is back!) and, um, spent a lot of time doing vocab drills for GRE prep, which is strangely soothing. road trip this weekend for thanksgiving! and minor party tonight for celebration of graduation. i better go get the pizza dough rising, eh?


Epponnee-Rae said...

we're totally on the blog! how exciting! there's britney spears, and then there's, like, me! oh, this feeds my weird britney obsession something chronic. . .


Epponnee-Rae said...

oh, damn. now my shameful secret is on the internet.