Monday, October 15, 2007


one of the problems with this level of poverty is having to make lots of weird decisions. I'm saving for phd application fees and stupid GRE fees, so i budgeted for one or two bigger expenses per fortnight. this means i end up choosing between getting my hoodie dry cleaned which i haven't been able to wear since i accidentally sat in a puddle of chocolate milk on the bus or getting stuff for my halloween costume. should i get a haircut or a voltage converter for my stereo system so i can play nina simone at the volume nature intended?

this week i chose to get my bike checked out, cos i was having trouble hitting top gear and the break cables were a bit stretched. these sorts of things become important when barrelling down a mountain in light rain. i've been riding back from uni two or three times a week. i ride to the bus stop in the morning, put my bike in the rack on the front of the bus and travel up the mountain that way, then ride down. the cycling takes 45-60 mins and is rather good fun. it does get nippy though. here's me one foggy morning last week:
i have proper gloves now. next pay check is plastic overpants.

(i'm not in any dire state, you understand. last night i saw a band and drank nice wine. just the more expensive things are an issue.)


folgrot said...

nipply, you mean

hey, we're on line together!

Anonymous said...

are you okay? as long as one can afford to drink wine, one doesn't require a clean hoodie. just ask spoon man right?

I must phone you in the next few days. lots to discuss. if you're keen for a study break and chats, let me know.

ps. very excited about the election.
oxox vta

Nimmersatt said...

this is a community announcement. For the first time in many moons I have just added a posting to my so called blog. Follow the link to Tuchfrau from this blog if you are interested.

Epponnee-Rae said...

folgrot - i most certainly do not! this is a family blog. as the boys at work used to say "family resturant, buddy! mind your ****ing language!"

hmm. have i told that joke here before?

vta - true, true. should i grow my hair and get a greasy cap as well?

it's that nice black hoodie with the face on, though, which is perfect for this weather. i miss it.

yay for chats! so good to hear from you.

yay, tuchfrau!