Friday, October 19, 2007

grot and bbb's latest big adventure

BBB at the Hay Shearer's Museum

boating with the family - AK on shore, grot and MK in boat

AK and BBB in boat, OK on shore

grot and AK on the front step

in the Warrumbungle NP

4 ft lace monitor that we saw gulping something big - Warrumbungles NP

probably the mother bird who had been sitting on these eggs earlier in the day, and didn't come back

dancing Green-combed Spider Orchid  - Warrumbungles NP

red (?) kangaroo at Warrumbungles NP

The Breadknife Warrumbungles NP

another view of the Breadknife

old friends

bbb listening to the AFL Grand Final at the New England NP

under a waterfall at the New England NP

the prow of the mighty Folbot surges down the Camden Haven River


JT said...

great photos, especially the one of the alternative view of the Breadknife. Very artistic!!!
Glorious 30 degree day here. And I'm stuck inside at work. Pity the lake is dry and dusty, but the warm is good!!! Might have to take the flannie sheets off the bed soon!
I haven't been around much either - had 2 weeks off work with bronchitis and asthma. Can breathe again now!!
Your graduation photos and video ware great. You are so clever!!
Better let the hordes in!!

folgrot said...

it was a great trip

BBB said...

Note the SFU tee shirt in the Hay shearing shed.