Tuesday, October 30, 2007

your essay would be improved by a stronger thesis

i have been binge-marking all day, cos i kinda left about fifty essays to mark in three days. i have a new red pen and am totally in the zone.

autumn is beautiful. it's hardly been raining at all. squee!
(those are my toes peeking in at the bottom. leaves from the tree in the photo above.)


itchy fingers said...

i've just had a think about it and i think you would be a scary teacher.

i would be afraid of disappointing you.

p.s new hair! my hairdresser has gone from needing to be convinced to cut mine short to trying to convince me to go even shorter. strange.

Epponnee-Rae said...

i'm a lovely teacher! i'm so encouraging and all "there is no Right Answer" and making funny jokes. until i get their essays, that is, when i turn into a complete bastard. when it comes to apostrophes there are so many wrong answers. . .

you do disappoint me. where are the photos of your new hair?

which hairdresser are you going to? you should go to chainsaw massacre. they are tops. my hairdressers here burnt down recently, which is inconvenient, but apparently they're still cutting hair in another location. i was thinking of going with a scruffy bob for winter. kinda like the old one but a lot shorter at the front. what do you think?

JT said...

There are lot's of lovely dry leaves on the tree's here ... but thats' because they are dead or dying!!!!
Will take some photo's to send soon.
Lot's of love and XXXX

Epponnee-Rae said...

you're teasing me again! *cries*

do send pics of the leave's's!

itchy said...

yes, dear, you are an excellent teacher. it was the good ones I was afraid of back in the day.

my hair will be revealed in the fullnes of time. . .

i support you plan. scruffy suits you immensely.

itchy said...

your essay would be improved by a new post.

- sorry, it's just what i think every time i open this page and see the same title.

not trying to rush things, or anything.

BBB said...

lots of lovely ........ leaves, or is that leeves or levee's or levi's ???