Monday, October 01, 2007

i get a silly hat

um, so apparently i'm graduating this week, and there's some sort of podcast available for all you folks back home! *tv host smile* email me for details if you'd like to see me wearing a silly hat and and a gown something like the one above in real time. (or via the archives if you don't want to get up at 3am or whatever. oh, and then you could fast forward through the boring bits and get straight to the star of the show. aka. your host! a much better plan.)

so not in the mood for it. bah. on the other hand, apparently we get to keep the mortar board, which is is tres exciting, cos i didn't even get to wear one at my last graduation cos that uni follows the oxford system, dahling.


itchy fingers said...

it's 'mofo delurk day' (well not on the wrong side of the world yet, but that's not my problem)
and though i am not a lurker i am commenting on all my regular blogs today, so, hello!

hope you're feeling better, i'm sure you'll look hot in your graduation gown.


Anonymous said...

that is wonderful.
If I am awake I will watch you, and it is extra exciting because I have been to where you are graduating right? take blankets!!

xoxo vta

itchy said...

back again,

oh, i'm so excited! i'm going to make stickers out of my graffiti photos!

ok, end squee now.

Gauri said...

i want to watch please ! happy graduatingnessthing

Epponnee-Rae said...

itchy - do i look hot in my gown? i think the hat is especially sexy, don't you?

vta - you have been there! it was all cold and empty then. i dressed so warmly, like wool suit with long wool socks and thermal singlet under. and i was warm enough! huzzah! thanks re. congrats.

gauroxen - ta!