Sunday, May 20, 2007

arrivals and departures

the most exciting arrival of the many in the last few days - vegie taco! vancouver has put on its best face for her visit (ie. pissing down rain), but VTA has been a real trooper despite jetlag and miserable weather. we have been windowshopping and eating good things. it's very lovely having a melbournian here who speaks the lingo and has good goss about tacos crew, and very odd to see vancouver from australian eyes again.

m left this morning on her long bikeride and presumably got thoroughly sodden - serves her right for leaving us.


Anonymous said...

Started raining here now, as well. Nearly 80mls in May thus far, plus cold wind, needed beanie and gloves for morning walk. So Vegie Taco should not pine for sunny days etc, as they ain't here either!


gtg said...

i will tell her that!

it has stopped raining now, and is just overcast.

yay for beanie and gloves cold! should i send down the down jacket?