Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my atrocious canadian accent


JT said...

You turncoat!! I thought you were true-blue and bonzer. No more lamingtons, vegemite or haighs until you speak proper again!!!
Actually you have learned it well!!
OOroo from your crazy aussie ant!!

Anonymous said...

I can't listen to it here at the museum, but I hope it is better than that rubbish you tried the other day. ;)


Gauri said...

the godroach literally speaks. in a freaky accent. i like your hair, spunkrat.

Hannah said...

awww, so cute

although you haven't got the 'aboot' just yet.


itchy fingers said...

i love you you, so so much.

the accent is atrocious.

now i miss you like crazy, ya big dork.

aunty kant said...

crazy ant - does that mean you don't love me anymore? *wibbles*

it's okay, i don't fool anyone. still ocker at heart!

VTA - it is exactly the same as that rubbish! and just as well-executed and convincing, thankyou very much! better than your canadian accent . . .

gauroxen - well, that was why i decided to film that morning. good hair.

hannah - nobody says "aboot". i think it's an urban myth. or an east-coast thing.

yeah, i don't know what happened with that "bai!" thing. canadians don't say that At All.

itchy - i miss you too! when will you start youtubeing? it's very easy. we can play vid-tag like the gaurox and i were doing last year.

love to all!

Anonymous said...

you still sound like my dorky little ... oops, nearly said your name ..

you know who you are


Anonymous said...

nothing to do with that, but you need to go to


got it off Found - i still laugh out loud at the comments, oh, at least every second day

i have learnt a lot about drugs and americans


Anonymous said...

Yee hah! Come on dowwwwn.

So would they prefer that you just speak plain old oz talk, or is that even more confusing?


aunty kant said...

not dorky! you are! and not little either. very grown up and mature. *blows raspberry*

the bunny is, um, very odd. i feel like i'm missing something. what comments are you reading?

the interweb is a very strange place.

aunty kant said...

i think most people prefer my australian accent cos it doesn't sound like i'm playing a part. i only talk canadian for entertainment purposes. or occasionally if i'm having trouble communicating - usually in bars or other loud places.

tis only for fun.

tine said...

heeeheeee. you talk funny!

aunty kant said...

not as funny as you talk, tomato girl!