Tuesday, May 01, 2007

cycling round false creek

where i've been cycling the last couple of days. i rode over that bridge on the left today. a bit scary, but fabulon views. that's jericho beach below, VTA. (photos stolen from the interwebs)
i have been getting to know the champagne sangria at a local bar, hanging out at the beach and catching up with lots of people. also moved into my new place this afternoon - huzzah! i did enjoy couch hopping, but it's nice to have all my books out and more than two tshirts to wear. my housemate is very friendly, and chicory was glad to see me.


itchy fingers said...

huzzah for moving in! does this mean we'll be hearing more from you now?

p.s scary highway looking bridge to cycle over! you extreme sportswoman, you!

Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling fit

all good


Anonymous said...

Wow, at least 12 degrees now - break out the t shirt for cycling!


Tuchfrau said...

Who is Chicory?
And can we have some photos of your house?

gtg said...

itchy - nah. don't wanna talk to you. (cos you have the stench of a thousand camels).

i am indeed an extreme sports woman. next i am going to tie a parachute to my bike and ride off the bridge. while piercing my tongue with a flaming brand. yah!

grot - ta!

bbb - you say that like you're joking! i have been riding either in just a tshirt or just a tshirt and raincoat. cos it rains ALL THE BLOODY TIME. *ahem*

tuchfrau - chicory is the dog. he's staying here til j gets back from his trip to bolivia, and then maybe a bit longer while j sleeps on the couch while finding a new place. hmm. that sentence would have made more sense with more full stops.

i will post photos as soon as i find the cord that connects the camera and the computer (m's place? j's? oh dear). happy to oblige requests.

love to all