Sunday, April 29, 2007

hols are fun

man, i am going to be *so* fit. i have been bike riding, swimming, dog-walking and i went to an acrogym class three days ago (still hurting). we did vaulting, which was fabulous. i haven't vaulted since i was a kid, and it was very satisfying when i finally got over the horse. it was the fittest bunch of people. after warm up and stretches the teacher said "okay, we'll start with 60 taps", which turned out to be doing a handstand then tapping the opposite shoulder with one hand at a time (if that makes sense). i assumed he was joking, but stopped laughing when everyone else turned upside down and started tapping. there was a woman learning tissue in the other part of the gym, doing really beautiful stuff with the loose cloth.

bought some more toys for the bike from mec (lights, drink bottle + cage) and am now set for commuter cycling. i splashed out on panniers, which is very exciting. they're shiny and blue and easy to take on and off and i don't have to ride with a backpack on. yay! also a mec pack is like a vancouver rite of passage.

i like being on hols. lots of hanging out with friends and doing nothing. if only i get over this sense of guilt that i should be reading something.


JT said...

Nice bike. I am still thinking about riding to work. Maybe I'll start tomorrow!!
Lots of lovely rain here over the weekend and the lake at work now has water in it - after being empty for 5 months!! Even a spoonbill wading in there!
I couldn't even do the handstand, let alone tap!
Did you get your Easter present yet? It surely should have arrived by now!

gtg said...

do! the family that rides together abides together! :P

yay for rain! it starts here again on tuesday - boo. but today was lovely and sunny. very exciting that the lake has water in. all the birds must be very happy.

i had hoped the present would arrive before i moved out, but it didn't, so hopefully the mail forwarding system kicked in and it will be waiting for me when i move into my new place (on wed?). if not i will go harrass the res office again, because i want a present! i love parcels. thankyou, jt.

Anonymous said...

i may not have sent you a parcel, but i was there providing essential emotional and physical support to jt when she bought the contents

just so's you know


gtg said...

well, that's very sweet. i will go bully the res office into handing it over.

ta, grot!