Sunday, April 15, 2007

getting dark early, biggles


Anonymous said...

I got the kite home in one peice, Biggles

gtg said...

what're you doing in my back catalogue?

Anonymous said...

I remembered what came next in the original manuscript, after they had gently lowered the limp form of the brave young pilot onto the ground. No mention of nastiness like bullet holes and blood, just a gentle meandering off into the early eternal night. While this was hardly realistic those books were far and away his best work, as they had much authenticity about them as Johns, W. E. had been a bomber pilot in WW1. Just went off and looked at his bio. He was shot in the leg and his plane shot down and he was imprisoned and sentenced to die by firing squad. (But wasn't shot as war ended.)

And anyways, are u looking at yr emails, as i am sending but not getting any responses, not even a hrmmmpfffff?