Saturday, April 21, 2007

help mama, dahling

what's the plural of "exegesis"?


Anonymous said...

Hello, the word exegesis is unchanged as plural when used in Greek, is my understanding. Would love to know the answer. Happy moving! Love from all at Eltham.

gtg said...

i hear from a librarian friend that it's "exegeses". isn't it interesting that it doesn't change in greek? i wonder what the latin is.

great to hear from you - love to all.

Anonymous said...

yep, no good asking me - i let my greek licence lapse a while ago


Anonymous said...

It may be a word which does not have a close Latiin equivalent. According to the plural is exegeses, which would fit the pattern of words such as crisis, another word of Greek origin.


gtg said...

well, it's not in the collins gem latin dictionary. yes, the house i'm staying in has one lying around. there's also a greek-english lexicon on the bookshelf, but i can't work out how to find the word.

etymology is fun!