Friday, April 06, 2007

i am the very hungry caterpillar!

On Friday
she ate through
four blood oranges.
But she was still

good things:

- listening to the port nepean music festival on triple r

- playing giant scrabble! it was the best fun ever. i joined a team with some random strangers and it was totally cool. we all conferred on possible words then picked up a letter or two each (they were about a foot square) and walked out onto the humungous board. each team had a table propped up to hide our letters. and we clapped the other team when they put down a word, like we were playing golf or something.

- walking chicory this morning. he got a compliment on his ears, i got a compliment on my pants and a small girl dressed all in pink gave him a pat, which was very brave of her, as they were about the same height. her father told me about the chicory plants he was just putting into the garden.

- lovely warm sunny day, cherry blossom all over the city.

- finished presentations, which means a bit of pressure off. now all i have to do is make them into proper long essays. and do all my marking. she'll be right. . .

- teaching my last tutorial. it was a fun tutorial, we all know each other well enough to joke a bit, but now i won't have to get up early and wear teacher drag. a win/win.

- our feminist theory symposium. so cool. we even had a bit of a floating audience, and such good discussions. i will miss those debates. we're all comfortable with each other too, and able to make fun of the over-enthusiastic chairing and ask tricky questions of each other's presentations.

- going drinking after last medieval class, and making fun of beowulf nerds.

- having masses of fruit and veg and other foodstuffs. after my recent time in the study-bubble the only things in my fridge were coffee, dodgy milk and half a bag of brussel sprouts.

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