Tuesday, April 03, 2007

exciting visitor

so this is probably a good time to announce that "vegie taco", my friend from work in melbs, is coming to vancouver in may. she has an internship at the vancouver musuem, which is very clever of her, and we are going to do fun tourist things together. it is entirely exciting! this is what she looked like last time i saw her:

and this is what i looked like, to put it in context:
haha! those were the days. . .

we also spent a lot of time hanging out in pelligrinis, eating delicious minestrone, and went to the charles blackman exhibition at the ngv, which was creepy and wonderful.


gtg said...

unless of course you don't want to do tourist things, which is cool.

ps. tell me if you don't want the photo up.

itchy said...

hey you

don't tell me you're off having a life somewhere. you're meant to be holed up in your room, writing hundreds of random emails to distract me from my work.

bah! a plague o'er both your houses!

Anonymous said...

weird! I get a piece on your blog.
very exciting. it is good friday here, and I have to work at 5pm. am going to mt hotham tomorrow morning for weekend with friends, we are going to the geebung polo on sunday erww. was stressing that
I wouldn't have yummy chocolates to take with me, but I called our
friends in swanston street, and guess what.. they are open!!!
just have to stand in line for three hours.
I will be bringing you some of those goodies too gtg. :)
tourist things are cool! whatever you like, I like.

gtg said...


hey me! how are you, me? oh, that's good. i hope you didn't get burnt.


i had a life in the form of giving many presentations and teaching my last tutorial. i don't think that counts. now i notice that *you* have gone off and got a life/kitten. the boot's on the other foot, plague-ridden one.

i'll be back in the bubble for another fortnight or so, don't you worry your pretty little head.

gtg said...


haighs! i love haighs! bring me frogs! you know they don't have chocolate frogs here? very odd.

of course you get a piece on my blog. you're special.

glad to hear you're gallivanting. have fun!


Anonymous said...

they don't have chocolate frogs?!
where the hell am I going?
on good friday I worked and mark let me buy haighs for all the staff. I bought frogs and speckles. but we just called them freckles, like normal ones. american taco said she thought it was strange in australia for chocolates to be named after a dermatological yuk.

gtg said...

oy! some of us love our freckles and consider them assets to our complexion! i was worried mine might go away in this permanent winter, but they have just faded some. . .

i know, no frogs, so sad. but they do have biscuits the size of your head, so it all works out. and i just found out where to get freddos here, but i won't take you there cos you won't need that sort of nostalgia trip.

good friday chocolate binge sounds like fun. i remember fluttering down bourke st in my apron, pockets full of money from the till. ah. them were the days. . .