Tuesday, April 10, 2007


you can get sudafed off the shelf here! there's masses of it, lined up the aisles of shopper's drug mart. wheeee! trying to get sudafed in australia is like a person of middle eastern appearance applying for an american visa.

i know this cos my "i don't have a sore throat and am not getting asthma" chanting over the last couple of days didn't work. bah.


itchy fingers said...

oh! i've had lots of sudafed the last few days, but i think i had too much 'cos i started getting cramps from it, so i stopped and embraced my snuffling

Anonymous said...

lots of snuffling here, as man cuts holes in roof, releasing much wood dust, insulation dust and just plain ole dust

my lungs closed down immediately - bit scary


Anonymous said...

hope asthma not too bad


gtg said...


poor squishy. i can't take very much of it cos i start hallucinating. wheeee! (except not-fun-hallucinations-of-badness)

gtg said...


you're making holes in my roof! stoppit!

sorry you're snuffling too. hope the weekend away does the trick. think of all the light!

asthma not too bad so far. havne't started coughing yet.