Sunday, April 01, 2007

family history

this is margaret ann, my great great grandmother:
and her daughter, rosie:

both taken in bendigo in 1917. jt and grot are researching their sad story.


itchy fingers said...


Gauri said...

what's their sad story ? your great great grandmother was a bit of a looker.

gtg said...

oy! don't make fun of my relatives! only people related to them can do that. . .

their sad story is not for the open internet, or i woulda posted it. stoopid.

thankyou for visiting!

Anonymous said...

i think their sad story IS for the internet really - it was splashed all over the argus, sun and other papers of the time, and dragged through court - gtg is a bit sensitive as shows her ancestors in a bad light, hence reflecting negatively on her

yes gauri, she was a looker who had many partners! - must have had something else going for her

jt doing 99.9% of research - grot just using all she finds


gtg said...

i'm happy to share it if you are. i thought you said not to?

it's a great story - i think our readers would be interested. discuss it with the other rellos and let me know.

itchy fingers said...

yes, hear hear!
give the readers what they want.

(if you thought I was making fun of them, please know that I wasn't, just expressing my horror in a typically childish fashion.)

JT said...

Sorry to have been absent from your blog for ages, but I keep having to fit work in between researching family scandals.
Loved the tassel pants. They are even better than the Salamanca Market ones!!
You can tell poor Margaret's story - discreetly. I guess 90 years is long enough to keep something of this magnitude secret!!!

gtg said...

dear all,

okay, the maternal figures say it's okay, so will air family closet skeletons after wednesday, when i have some time.

you may hold your breaths. . .


gtg said...


i dunno. the salamanca pants still hold a special place in my heart. it's the fake fur *plus* the stars that does it for me.

but yes, tassels pretty special!

have fun with the research - keep me up to date! i demand a postcard from the melbourne library. i will try and tell the story discretely, but i can't leave out the sex and violence now, can i?