Tuesday, April 17, 2007

random lovings

mia dyson is still so very much the best muso ever. you all must listen to her.


Anonymous said...

what of her work have you been listening to?


HF said...

And she is going to be in Vancouver in August too!

gtg said...

wheeee! so she is! thankyou, HF. and how do you know that?

she only has two albums so far ("cold water" and "parking lots"), so i have been listening to them. there's a new one on the way, according to her website. all good stuff.

Anonymous said...

from mia's no 1 fan: i've been listening to a podcast of her co-hosting an hour on triple j called 'tales from the real world.' it was cool, she talked about growing up in dayelsford and playing with her dad and played some cool songs from gillian welch, lucinda williams and local acts that have all supported her and are fab -
jen cloher & the endless sea, liz stringer and downhills home. HF has copies of the jen & liz albums if you want em.
also have you heard of kathleen edwards? she's from BC i think, anyhow her stuff is also cool and bluesy & mia supported her here last year. ok rant over! s