Monday, April 02, 2007

procrastination has made me irritable

what is *with* people wandering round in shorts? sunshine does not equal warm, kiddies, as the little snow flakes drifting down should tell you.
this person is not wearing shorts.


Anonymous said...

hey, yeah I spoke to the canadian boy the other day, and he said that people in halifax were also walking around in shorts and t-shirts. it was 'plus seven' there. I am worried. coming to see you in just a few weeks now. I asked him, 'is it warm?'. he said, 'not your kind of warm'.

anyway, loving the photos on the blog! and that lovely chicory - gorgeous. can you keep him?
xo vegie taco

Anonymous said...

ps. american taco and I now send each other text messages when we work together. we sneak behind the marg machine and type quick.
beeps go off and alert fellow waitress. such as:

'Hey, wanna get drunk? meet me behind the bar in fifteen minutes'

or last friday night:

'yo, let's get shitfaced by eight thirty and let mark do all the work'

and tonight:

'hey, how about these bastards get their own drinks? let's get drunk and have fun'.

we don't really follow through on these plans though. at least not before nine thirty, and even then it's all social.

gtg said...

VTA! i was wondering how you were going. how's the planning?

yes, notice how they say *plus* seven. a small but important detail. i was going to email you - i found out it rains here all summer as well, so make sure to bring closed shoes and a hat of some sort. and it isn't uncool to wear a raincoat in the city here.

glad you're enjoying the photos. hey, guess what, guess what! you can *meet* chicory when you're here! haha! what fun!

lovin' the text messaging! that must drive everyone insane. hilar! glad to hear you're still drinking on the job as i taught you. . .

give my love to the american taco.

see you soon!

Anonymous said...

it isn't uncool to wear a raincoat? are you serious??!! my mum would love your city.

I do actually have one too. oh no.

so it rains all the time. doesn't vancouver rate highly as one of the world's most liveable cities? how does that work?

okay. well, have to scratch the planned high heels and snazzy new shoes I have purchased in my recent shoe fetish stage.

back to square one.


gtg said...

it's a very soggy very livable city. one adjusts. all the shops have little bins at the front door to put your umbrella in while you browse, and you always always take your shoes, coat and hat off at the door of someone's house. even the tiniest flat has a little coat rack by the door.

now i asked a couple of locals today and they said they've actually had dry summers for the last couple of years because of this whole global warming gig, so it may not rain much at all.

you can still wear pretty shoes, just make sure you have *one* sensible pair. i know you, missy. would love to see snazzy new shoes.

tell yr mum there's even people wearing plastic pants downtown! and fashion gumboots, of course. then again, there were people wearing thongs in the snow, so. . .

call me! or send me yr number. vancouver is fun - i have plans for fun places to take you! and it's will be summer, which is very exciting!