Tuesday, April 24, 2007


ah, holidays . . . *stretches*

so far i have slept til midday and read a lot of L.M. Montgomery's journal. i was going to go for a nice long bikeride, had planned out a route and read up the road rules, but it's pissing down and foggy. after a week of brilliant sunshine! *wails*

i got all the exams marked and worked out their overall grades by midnight. honestly, exams are the most pointless way of assessing someone's learning, particularly in english literature. they waste time memorising stuff and waste lots of energy stressing out, and i waste time marking them all. nobody learns anything from the process. give me a good essay anyday.

now i am free, free as a, um, small bedraggled bird, in this weather. trying to get the remains of the gang together for tonight.

the girls from work rang last night! at 2am. dropkicks! it was so good to talk to everybody and catch up on the goss, and funny to hear the familiar shoptalk in the background (we've got a 5 at 7.30, dog two wants two strawberry margies). hope you all had a good pissup at myer's place!


Anonymous said...

we did thank you. jayney and shasta went home though, so dave, kristian and tom and I went to myers (new tom, cousin of dave, not lazy tom)
going out tomorrow night to celebrate jayney finishing her lab job!
hope you got back to sleep okay!

gtg said...

pikers! you know, i never met lazy tom, i just heard your stories.

i did sleep again, thankyou. i like being on hols.

ps. tell jayney i can't find her on facebook.

Anonymous said...

went past el tac yesterday. Still looks the same (from the outside at least!)