Sunday, April 22, 2007


view from current place of abode:
drafting essay - nearly finished, due tomorrow, think it's going to be pretty good:

sleep now tired


Anonymous said...

wonderful view

how long is yr essay? is there a way of posting it so we could read it, having suffered so through its birth?


itchy said...


in other news: i'm hungry.

gtg said...

isn't it purty?

essay is nearly 5000w long, plus two pages of references. what do you mean, *you* suffered?? pah!

it was very satisfying to hand it in today. and the prof even pretended to be looking forward to marking it, which was very sweet. i have told such lies to my own students. . .

i was thinking i could put up a bit of it. but then what if i reread it in two weeks and realise i hate it? and then the whole interweb will see my clunky prose and tortured MLA-style referencing!

gtg said...

sorry to hear you're hungry, itchy, she says, pointedly replying to your every comment.

itchy said...

are you still on about that? le sigh, it was SO last week.

enjoying a day working at the place with inty access. how refreshing.

i have two serious job interviews in the next week and a party to attend in malmsbury.
how's the couch hopping going?

gtg said...

oh, you would get inty access when mine's intermittent. go update yr blog!

where's malmsbury?

good luck for interviews. what jobs?

couch hopping going well. everyone's buggered off this week, so i am in a particularly nice basement apartment by myself atm. might be moving on wednesday, it depends if m has got over her flea/bedbug problem. . .

Gauri said...

the view from your new place makes me want to kill you. in a love wya.

gtg said...

it's not my new place, unfortunatly. it was a friend's place i was crashing at. my new place has a view of a road, i think. maybe a tree. can't remember.

you have the stench of a thousand camels.