Thursday, April 05, 2007


the postcard is actually in focus. my photo is not.

the stamp is also really cool:
thankyou, ms hard farmer! portugal sounds really cool - and pretty. glad you're having such good work trips. was there nice grub?


Anonymous said...

portugal looks like a place I'd like to visit - one day

good news about vegie taco visit

hokay - off to trawool to commune with the dead

happy good friday and holy saturday - we have eaten our compulsory buns

will contact on sun


gtg said...

i think i'd like to visit it too, now HF has given it such a glowing review.

have fun with the dead people. send me photos.

i have had no hot cross buns. *pouts* but i have a small packet of eggs, which were a pity gift from j.

do contact - i have thinking of ringing to say hi, but you keep galivanting.

lots of love