Tuesday, April 10, 2007

children and dogs

OK and AK, my cousins, and G+B's doggies, up at Nanny's place. (she needs an acronym. NT?)


itchy said...


Anonymous said...

how 'bout 'buttons' for NT?


Anonymous said...

the "found' today is from Seattle - some of the comments are funny

this made me laugh:
"Listen to Milton brethren. Here in the "fly-overs" what we lack in tact, grace, art, culture and geography, we make up for with fire-arms. So keep your soft, pink, underbellies moving along. Take those damn "leaf-peepers" with you."


Anonymous said...

Awwww, arn't they cute??


HF said...

Hi there
So exciting to see my Lisbon postcard on the interweb. We sent you another from Amsterdam yesterday. Sent it c/o the English department. The frau wrote it and then we realised we'd forgotten your address - so took the risk and have sent it c/o. Hope you get it! A'dam was your city Lino, full of bikes and fab food. We had really yummy bagels on Monday and they tasted of something - so don't dis bagels. One highlight for me was hiring rollerblades and crusing round the Vondelpark. lots of love, HF

gtg said...

i had occasion to sing the button song the other day and everybody looked at me like i had two heads. ah, family tradition . . .

buttons! buttons!
they always call me buttons!
i don't know why
cos my real name is jim.

(it can't be the real song, honestly. it doesn't scan or rhyme and the internet doesn't think it exists. any clues?)

gtg said...

hi HF,

so exciting to receive your lisbon postcard, you international jaunter, you!

i should get the english dept. postcard - but why did you have that address on you and not mine? this is all very odd. probably just as well, cos i'm moving in a week.

amsterdam sounds fabulon and the rollarblading sounds very cool. maybe i will wait to try bagels again to when i go there. . .

good to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

they always call me buttons
but my proper name is Jim

gtg said...

are you sure? i was sure it had that "i don't know why" bit. then again, it has been a long time since nanny sang at me. . .

Anonymous said...

i'm sure that what i've written is right (at least 70% sure, anyway)

but there could be more lyrics that I've forgotten - also can't find it on the net, but it is an old song, maybe from the twenties

maybe jt knows more