Saturday, April 21, 2007


i was waiting for a bus the other night, feeling a little sad.

but the whole city is in blossom, so sad doesn't stay long. look at this!

this is where that tree branch outside my window is at:
i've no idea how leaves will appear from here. i won't get to watch them unfold any further, but here's why i'm glad to be leaving the erstwhile halls of residence:
that's the corridor outside my room. then there's all the grotty adolescents shouting outside my window in the wee hours. . .

invigilated an exam this morning and collected a huge stack of them to mark, but had a nice marking session this afternoon with the prof and the other TAs. medieval essay is very nearly a complete draft, instead of a patchwork, which is great. steep learning curve on this one - i know masses about 8th century francia (france/germany) now, and about the benedictine rule and the politics of manuscript production. sometimes i think i'd like to be a medievalist.


Anonymous said...

corridor looks a bit Virginia-Tech-in-waiting

blossom v pretty


Anonymous said...

Corridor looks most unappealing - yep, not groovy at all.

And by contract the leaves and flowers look beautiful.

And by gum, look at that temperature shooting up, 13 degrees now, wow, break out the t shirts!


Anonymous said...

also, medieoavual music rools

gtg said...

well, there was a bomb threat a couple of days ago. doooooooom.

i think it looks very x-file-ish. but then, much of the campus does. which is probably why they filmed here. hahaha.

aren't the flowers beautiful? much of the city is like that, and now the petals have started falling, so it's like being gently snowed on with pink snow.

hah! you talk about t-shirts like you're joking! it was 16 today, and i was wandering round in the sun in a tshirt, marvelling at the warmth. bloody woosy australians. . .