Thursday, April 26, 2007


new toy! new toy! it is a nice solid little mountain bike, second hand, from our community bikes (or ocb, as us locals call it), which is a hippy commune style bike place that hires tools and runs lessons in the art of bicycle maintenance.

i have ridden miles and miles and miles in the pouring rain, negotiated cars coming from the wrong direction and got wonderfully lost on the transcanada trail (the steepest hills i've ever ridden up, including cradle mountain. and when i say "ridden" what i mean is "walked very slowly stopping for rests.") great fun but now i am *exhausted*. bike! bike bike bike!

we've also been celebrating the end of semester in traditional grad student way - getting drunk in a basement and watching a lot of buffy. all good.


Anonymous said...

looks fabbo


itchy fingers said...

bike! you are a real resident now!

Anonymous said...

Neat bike.
Trying to remember the Gap near Beechworth that we rode/walked up. That was VERYYYYY steep and tiring.

Looks like the real deal. have fun.


Anonymous said...

buffy?? is it on t.v?!

vegie taco

gtg said...

it is! ta, grotty.

don't say that, itchy! eeeee!

bbb - yes, i'd forgotten about that hill. that was a monster. and it was christmas, so hot. it was pouring rain for these hills. just got some very nifty little paniers from mec.

taco, nope, on dvd. sorry.

Anonymous said...

I have spent hours poring over that catalogue. Heaps of neat stuff.


gtg said...

hours? really? i should have got you the spring catalogue - i thought about it and didn't think you'd be interested. you want i go back?

Anonymous said...

Yay bike! You can be tough and manly-like with it!

that hires tools

*smirk* I'm going to assume that's a total conflict of dialects there, and not a derogatory comment on the personalities of the bike shop staff.

- spike.

gtg said...

don't you start, missy i've-got-a-posh-oxford-accent-now! there's this whole thing about hiring/renting here. i said something about hiring a vid the other day and got a whole host of blank looks. impoverished language, i tell ya!

ocb hires nice hippy people with silly hair and hand-made clothes with screen printed patches on them. you know the type. and one can rent tools from them. how's that?

i am so manly! you should see my bruises and muscles! and i was doing stuff with an allan key and a phillip's head today. hmm. why do all bike tools have male names?

have you been riding?