Sunday, April 01, 2007


hi everybody! welcome back! i have replied to most comments now, and here is a link, cos the cockroach has disappeared into the archives! (i know where she is - she's in the archives! hahaha)

i am still in the essay bubble (ie. have spent the last two days at my desk from 10am til midnight) - please comment or email! must have distractions.

though i have written one and a bit pages of my medieval essay. most of it looks like this:

"Alhtough having a woman in charge does not necessarily lead to a valuing of female education, in the case of Chelles, it seems to have conributed to the scholarly atmosphere of the convent and activity of the nuns. Both Bertila and Bathilde are renowned as important female educators. CHECK THIS We have evidence of the fame of the Chelles scribal work in letters between Boniface and THINGO, in which Boniface requests manuscripts OR SOMETHING."



itchy fingers said...

distraction! ha!

i think my hangover from the wedding skipped a day, cos i feel all icky.

in exciting news, I'm going kitten scouting at lunch today.

write 200 words before you reply to this.

gtg said...

babe! that was totally inspiring! i have a thousand words now! go you.

sorry you are icky. that'll teach ya for boozing.

yay! kitten! except i don't like kittens. but you do, so yay kitten! let me know how it goes.

itchy fingers said...

well done you! meanwhile, I got bored waiting (i mean, working) so this time you only need to write 150 words.

kittens are yay. bit nervouse about finding the right one and doing it properly (no pet shop farmed kittens for me please) but otherwise excited.

plus, after the 13th i think all the major life disruptions will finally be over, so that will be nice. fingers crossed.

how 'bout you? does your masters finish soon? or are you having another semester?

gtg said...

you would have been less bored if you checked more often.

i wrote 150 words *and* put in a picture, so really i wrote 1150. aren't you proud? the essay is still *awful* though. my brain hurts. i'm going to have a bath and not think about it, kay?

why don't you adopt a kitten? we got max from the lost dogs home in ballarat, and you see how well he turned out.

good luck for 13th.

hah! masters will never be finished! never!

um, i have another semester. so in august. three semesters a year, tres odd. i only have one week more of classes for this semester, but don't finish assignments and marking and whatever until the 24th of april, more or less. *tightens belt*

itchy fingers said...

yes, i want to adopt, but nowhere seems to have kittens, only cats. the closest to ethical kitten adoption i've gotten is the Brunswick Pet Shop which desexes it's kittens before sale.

3 semesters? what kind of crazy system is that?
good luck with marking and other things.
i want a bath! not this stupid 4 more hours of working. might have one when i get home. . .mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

tried to give witty long commetn, itchy, but wouldn't accept - stupid blglords

try your local vets - they often have kittens to give away

i had lots of anit-kitty stuff in last ocmment- lucky i cna't be bothered to re-type! (long ksype to gtg makes my hands go wobbly)


itchy fingers said...

that's ok, i am deaf to anti-kitten content so I probably wouldn't have (this is setting of grammar alerts in my brain but i am tired and can't be bothered thinking about changing it now) noticed anyhow.
ta for the advice however.

Anonymous said...

rememberd that kitty-litter season was a few months ago, in spring, so that won't help your search