Monday, April 16, 2007


the many old, dusty books i'm working with (cause of asthma? hmm.) and the decoration above my desk, before i take it all down. pretty, huh? if a little grad-student-stereotype.
still working on my medieval essay, going pretty well. nothing else to add. how 'bout that weather?

oh, but i don't think i want to go to america anymore. want to stay in countries with sensible gun laws.


itchy fingers said...

happy moving! moved a bunch of stuff into the study last night, will post pictures when finished. kitten likes the big mirror on the floor.

when do you actually move?

Anonymous said...

i have about 4 postcards here to send you - lucky i didn't get around to it, now that yr taking them all down


Anonymous said...

we're all on line together! how sweet!

gtg said...

ooo, let's play scrabble! i'll go set up a board!

yes, don't send postcards until i give you my new address.

i move on sunday, probably. in the process of bribing be-carred friends with wine.

oooo, study! yay!