Monday, April 09, 2007

funky hand gesture, yo

yesterday was fabulon. j and i were going to go on a research and book-returning trip to ubc, but we dropped by m's for coffee on the way then all decided to have lunch at the nam instead and look at clothes we can't afford. so we spent the day window shopping in kitsalano and had a really good time.

the nam is a very funky vegetarian restaurant filled with very funky people. and missymojay knows the owners! i had a particularly nice fruit smoothie.

women's studies essay going well. i nearly have a complete draft, which means i'll have to time to print it out and pull it apart, then stick it back together again before wednesday.


Anonymous said...

now i see

glad you had fun

let's see if yr stupid blog will post this comment - i doubt it


itchy said...

is the double image meant to convey something extra?

if so, i don't get it.

gtg said...

actually i did it just to confuse grotty, but it doesn't seem to have worked.

blog not stupid! you stupid!