Tuesday, April 17, 2007

marking and moving

i finished my marking! huzzah to me! some very good essays, hardly any very bad essays. i think i've taught some of them stuff. all but one were stapled, for one thing. success!

i'm moving house on the weekend, to a funky little sharehouse off the drive. i'm there over summer, then to a friend's basement in august. very excited to be moving, living so close to nice coffee and funky shops and pretty people. and a park with swings! my housemate is a friend of a friend, and we get along well. i have my new address now - persons wishing to send postcards, letters or parcels of gold doubloons please apply via email.

right now is packing, which is BLAH, and working on my medieval assignment. though i have an extension until monday, on grounds of being the living dead last week.

off to met a student about their exam, return books to the library and hunt down boxes. bye!

p.s. am couch hopping between this weekend and the start of may, when new room is free, so inty access may be infrequent.


Anonymous said...

goo fluck

that's what i wrote first, but i meant 'good luck'

from yr mama

itchy said...

consider this an email application for yr new address!

have fun moving!

gtg said...

see a pennie, pick it up
all day long you'll be followed by a duck

thankyou mama.

gtg said...

see yr email, itchy, you lazy thing.

i hate moving. at least i have almost no stuff nowadays, so is much easier.