Saturday, April 14, 2007

asthma is boring

sorry i haven't been here much. i can't concentrate on anything and reading on screen makes my head hurt. plus am buzzing on ventolin. asthma is boring. (new meds are working - instead of tilade i have one accolate pill a day, which is much pleasanter to take than tilade. just a note for the asthmatic aunts.) though i feel chipper and well-rested this morning (most odd), so things are on the up. i intend to stop whining very soon.

essay not going terribly well. i have found out some more interesting stuff about the nuns and murderous saint balthild who founded the convent. now i am avoiding reading _bede's eccelesiastical history of the english nation_.

i had a lovely loooooong chat with vegie taco about vancouver last night, with great work gossip. we are going to drink coffee by the art gallery and go to vancouver island!

there has been a very cool public sculpture exhibition up round uni, by the first year fine arts students. though none of them were as good as my little wall i made on the velvet lawns of MU, there is some fun stuff. here is my favourite. it's a huge swirly pattern, all made out of electrical tape. i like art that you can walk on (see above re. little wall).

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