Saturday, April 07, 2007


check out this spunktaculous magnolia tree. oh, and i saw another bumble bee today! they're fabulon! all fat and round and furry and stripey! i want to touch one.
went to a very funky cafe on the drive called "bump and grind" this morning and worked on my women's studies essay for about three hours. it was funky to the max. yo. *does hand gesture*

then i bought some patchouli essential oil so i can live the stereotype.

remember that photo i put up a while ago of the tree budding outside my window? this is what it looks like now. i think it's fascinating - great big leaves are gradually unfolding.


itchy fingers said...

oi! what happened to the cockroach? eh?

ps, magnolia is v pretty. well done.

gtg said...

my audience buggered off, that's what!

glad you like the magnolia. trying to get a nice shot of the cherry blossoms too.

Anonymous said...

i just can't visualise the hand gesture


Gauri said...

i LOVE magnolia. i think magnolia and i should elope.

gtg said...


you luuuuurve it, you want to marrrrry it!

can i be bridesmaid?

Anonymous said...

Spring has sprung!