Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pompous git

reading matthew arnold makes me want to stab myself in the eyeball with a fork. so i took the dog for a walk instead.those are his ears down the bottom there. he is thinking "get over yourself already so we can go out".

do you like my new shorts? $2 from a garage sale. bar-gin, my friends, baaaaar-gin.


Anonymous said...

have never read arnold so can't share yr pain

did a Margo Lanagan story with YA - we were nearly all converted after it - she is good - i told my class i was actually her incognito, so they gave me a round of applause

off to Myths and Symbols


gtg said...


who is margo lanagan? glad you're making friends with yr kiddies. is this at ballarat?

Anonymous said...

margo lanagan is an oz YA writer, much awarded, and her fantasy ss collection "red spikes" is shortlisted for CBCA prize

this is her site


yes, this is ballarat


Anonymous said...

Why? What does Matthew Arnold write about?


tine said...

oooh, margo lanagan is a whole lotta intense. hoo boy.

the shorts are ... very you.

where'd you get the dog??

aunty kant said...

matthew arnold is, um, well, really boring. but important. he was a victorian theorist who writes about how we should all get back to the good old days. he instituted the canon, which obviously is a bit ol' deal. it's arnold's fault i have to take the GRE. yah!

he was into sweetness and light, and anti-anarchy.

that was possibly the worst explaination of arnold you can imagine, and i know there is a least one proper victorianist in the audience. . . oh the shame.

aunty kant said...


you love the shorts, admit it!

not my dog. my housemate's. or ex-housemate's, cos he's moving off our living room floor today and into his own place (down the road).

i do want a dog.