Wednesday, May 16, 2007

more dog photos

but, look, artsy!

chicory and i have been bonding. we went to trout lake a couple of times (pretty little swamp/lake/park twenty mins walk away) and i brushed half of him last night. he's losing his undercoat cos it's so damn *warm* now. i think my internal themometre has dropped about ten degrees. below zero is cold, above twenty is hot. yay for acclimatisation! chicory's human comes home today, which will be very exciting for them both. and i won't have to get up at 8am anymore!

things are a bit distracty at the moment. a good friend is leaving vancouver on the weekend, and vegie taco is arriving. i'm trying to work on another presentation, which involves a twenty minute talk (with an argument, close textual analysis and independent research), having someone respond for 10 mins, fielding questions, leading discussion for 40 mins and a four page written summary of the presentation. rather involved for a class presentation. however, i'm writing on _wide sargasso sea_ and _jane eyre_ (this is for the carribean class), so there's no shortage of stuff to talk about.

but i finally have a supervisor (two!), which means i can finish my MA this semester. it makes me very happy. he's a nice guy who has supervised some friends of mine, and he just emailed a great long list of problem areas in my paper and half a dozen books i should read. it's so nice to have that interaction and direction. now i can really get stuck into one essay and do some proper drafting.

oh! chicory's human came back! *such* a happy doggie you have never seen. they're off on a W-A-L-K now.


Anonymous said...

so you and chicory and human live in same house, is that right? so chic doesn't now have loss of surrogate mother to further traumatise him/her

good news about supervisor

now on comments page so can't remember what else you said - general best wishes/commiserations to all


itchy fingers said...

love the blue one!

tine said...

christ ... this is what happens when i'm lazy with the blog-reading ... so tell me bout this dog, and yr new place, and new housemate, and who is vegie taco (can't recognise her from pic), and who left van, and oh i'm so confused... email me, but no rush, god knows i never do.