Wednesday, May 09, 2007

cranford calls

i will get this presentation done, i just have to knuckle down and stop mucking round on the interweb, and reading the HP back catalogue . . .

still very much in holiday mode and doing lots of good things. we had a "cleaning out the fridge pizza" dinner last night, which was very good, and went to miners sing-a-long the night before. that was a pisser. the place was *packed*. apparently we were on telly from last time, but i missed it. bah.

i have been trying on expensive clothes and doing mail order funky tops for grot, also good fun. m and i went on a very long bike ride in the rain the other day. i can't remember the last time i was so cold and wet. i found out the pants i was wearing aren't colour fast. . . it was pretty cool for the first couple of hours though - very good views, as usual. i lurve my bike.

my first seminar tonight. whatamigonnawear??? this semester i'm studying caribbean literature, doing a directed reading on victorian literature with g and j, and doing my final MA paper and oral defense, if i can ever find someone to supervise me.

back to _cranford_.


Anonymous said...

thanx for doing expensive shopping for me

i have my new mola shoes - will send a foto

this is the website

run by two cute little students in NSW - made by exploited peasants in Colombia - no, not really - they make a point of saying it is all fair trade


Anonymous said...

Quite a big point actually, as you might expect when selling to a Port Fairy FF clientele. State that they pay the people making them what the people ask for. Sounds okay....