Friday, May 04, 2007

sunshine adventures

looky! purty! j took this last week. note fabulon mountains (that's snow up the back), sea views, shiny panniers, etc. also very big hair. oh yes.

have been entertaining myself in the usual manner. lots of cycling, dog-walking, reading, lunching and drinking. i did trampolining last night at acrogym, which was very good fun. i'm not nearly as sore as last week, either. it finally stopped raining today, and is sunny and warm *blows raspberry at bbb*, with cherry blossoms floating down. i saw a car completely covered by them except for a clean streak where the windscreen wiper had gone. very pretty.

youse have all been clamouring for photos of my new place (it's so hard being so popular), but it's still a bit of a mess and i haven't got my posters up, so here are the two nicest bits so far:

it's a big old house that has been divided into four apartments, so while s and i are the only ones in this apartment (and we have our own kitchen and bathroom), there are quite a few people in the building and a nice front yard and a verandah. it's in a quiet suburban area, but about five minutes walk to the drive (or less), where good coffee and fun things to do are.

and here is a photo of gazbags in a bag:


Anonymous said...

Lovely green tree. much nicer view than from the cell. What type of tree is it?


yes, looks good. hope it all works out.

fabbo blue paniers and you do look fit


Anonymous said...

panniers, i mean

and funny foto of portable person

Anonymous said...

how did you take that photo??!!


gtg said...

sorry, dunno what sort of tree. pretty. green.

lurvely panniers. i love my panniers. they have reflective stuff on now, so as not to be run over. i've yet to ride after dark though. working up to it.

gtg said...

vegie, vegie, vegie, you silly girl. the gauroxen is from melbourne (i think you met her - she is with my friend p, who used to dishpig at tacos til the fake vomit incident) - p took the photo and gaurox sent it to me.

of her in a bag. as ya do.